Folkestone Netball League

Folkestone Netball League started around a decade ago and has gone from strength to strength ever since! Having been forced into a year off (thank you, Covid), FNL is ready to come back stronger than ever with our first full league since 2019. Whether you're looking to affiliate and join a team in the league, or after a more casual training setting, give us a message and we'll point you in the right direction! 


The Teams

There are currently 10 teams in the FNL:

1. Phoenix
2. Lyminge
3. Panthers
4 .Jets
5. Tri-Fusion Tornadoes
6. Tri-Fusion Air
7. Blitz
8. Vipers
9. Tri-Fusion Ice
10. Black Widows

How we play

Even though we are a friendly league, we take competition seriously! There are 2 types of play in the FNL. 

League: Standard play where players play their preferred positions. 

Versatility: Standard game play, but players positions are randomised and then rotated each quarter.

The 2020 updated INF rules of netball can be found here.